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The LITHOS Harelbeke association organizes in the month of December its 32th fair

Date: Sunday 1 december 2019
Place: Cultural centre 'Het Spoor'
  Eilandstraat 6
  8530 Harelbeke
Opening time: 10u - 17u
Income: free
Standing fee free


The appreciation of this manifestation expressed by stand holders, amateurs and public gives us both, positive comments with regard to the opportunity we offer to people to buy minerals and fossils at modest prices and negative comments from people finding that all financial transactions should be banned in the world of pure amateurism. We know that this is an on-going discussion and we try to maintain a good balance.

Until now we experience more positive effects than negative. Let us keep it this way. The LITHOS fair indeed will not be or become a commercial event but is and will remain in the first place a hobby happening for all stand holders, friends, amateurs and public.

The swap activity is essential and will remain the centre point of the fair. The possibility for modest buying will only offer a solution to overcome the limitations inherent to a swap system. We encourage the swap activity and in order to give an opportunity to starters, motivated public and amateurs to acquire mineral and fossil specimens, we allow sales but at very, very modest prices.

LITHOS invites also professionals which by experience have shown evidence to possess a hart for amateurism and voluntary adapt their prices to the intention of this fair. A well maintained equilibrium between amateurs and commercial participants is essential to safeguard the LITHOS fair for the future

Income is free and no standing fee has to be paid for. We reckon on the revenues coming from a wheel of fortune, and the profit we make on the sales of drinks, sandwiches, snacks to cover all expenses we may have.

We address an appeal to all our colleagues’ amateurs to bring as much as possible " Stone " materials and to invite all persons interested. We advertise by using different media to announce this fair in our country and over our country borders.

Our association takes all precautions to give good accommodation including good base lightning.

To maintain our amateurism and to continue bringing educative entertainment to the public, LITHOS expects all stand holders to show respect for and to act according to the guidelines formulated hereafter:


Are not admitted:

  • Objects not belonging to the areas of mineralogy and palaeontology
  • Fakes, imitations
  • Cutted and polished stones, health stones, tumbled stones (lapidary)
  • Jewels, rings, pendants,
  • Objects such as polished plates, ashtrays, vases, eggs, balls
  • Recent shells and corals (not classified under the category of fossils). Prior consultation is to be carried out with the organizers. A limited permision may exceptionally be given. A 10% of the total stand space is the limit .The same aplies for shark dentaries and educational taxidermy, related to paleontology.
  • Well admitted are:

  • Minerals and fossils which are cutted and polished to highlight the structure and the composition and which have not the intention to serve as object of common use or object of art. Polished minerals are only accepted if they have a random form without piercing
  • Synthetic mineral and minerals or fossils with touch up, clearly marked as such
  • Silex objects from the Stone Age
  • Scale models of prehistorical animals
  • Books, tools, for the hobby
  • Dangerous minerals

  • A specific identification is mandatory for minerals with light radioactivity. Sales to minors is strictly forbidden. Heavy radioactive minerals such as pitchblende or dangerous minerals such as asbestos are always prohibited. On simple request the minerals judged by the organisators as dangerous must be removed from the fair premises.

    During the fair, LITHOS reserves all rights to require corrective actions from the participants who violate this regulation. It means automatically restriction of participation to further LITHOS fairs, if participants should not comply with the request


    Harelbeke is very close to Kortrijk (5 km).Take the motorway E17 Gent - Lille (Rijsel) , exit Deerlijk. A more detailed plan is here at your disposition. 

    To avoid possible parking problems you can take the train to Harelbeke. The railway station is about 200 meters away from the fair centre

    Every half hour there is a connection from Gent or Kortrijk (Lille)


    If you want to be sure of a stand reservation, do not hesitate an use our on-line application form application form.
    To make our fair run smoothly please confirm your participation and the amount od running metres before 1 November 2018


     Frans Bartier       
    (0032) 0474/75.85.49

    Fair 2019 - Lithos Harelbeke